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Paul K. 12 Week Transformation Results 

Before: 199 lbs  15.3% bodyfat

After: 178 lbs  9.2% bodyfat

"I wanted to thank you again for all the guidance you've given me over the past year. Thanks to you I've got the tools and knowledge to continue building and maintaining the healthy body and mind I want.  You've played a significant role in how I view myself now and also on my lifestyle so I wanted to say thanks!" -Paul K, Maple Ridge

“Together we have lost 100 pounds – that’s a lot of fat! We tried it ourselves but it didn’t work! Transformations works… The results are amazing to us.”   – Ron & Linda W., Surrey

Gina lost 25 pounds of bodyfat and gained 4 pounds of muscle during a 12 Week Transformation Program. 

"This was a great program! It really worked for me.... The results from the body composition test scared me. It motivated me to get my act in gear and start taking better care of my body. I learned that 'walking the dog" really isn't exercise. I began an effective exercise program and changed my diet in many ways....My commitment is to continue down this path." -- Gina W 

"The Transformations Fitness corporate fitness & wellness program was terrific! The information and suggestions provided were easy and practical to implement.  Roxayn's sincere and energetic manner is contagious and it really motivates you. Another great thing about the corporate program was that my co-workers who were in the challenege formed a kind of informal support group. Instead of coffee, we had our morning discussions over a protein shake or "green drink!" And the best thing is that you see noticeable results and feel a whole lot more lively in a relatively short period of time. Not only have I impoved my body fat percentage from 19.7% to 12.4% in just 4 months, but I also feel stronger, less tired, and can concentrate better in my night classes." --James L.  

“I have had personal trainers on and off for many years and I can honestly say that with Roxayn, I have achieved fitness goals I never thought possible. The results are truly incredible!” – Audrey  Brown-Miller, Langley

“Although Roxayn is very fit, I was not intimidated by her. She was a fabulous trainer in every aspect and a super role-model. Since meeting Roxayn, I have lost over 60 pounds and have changed my life!” – Roxanne Brown, Langley

“I’ve been working out for many years now and I’ve trained with a number of different trainers. I feel that Roxayn is different from all the others not only in her superior knowledge but also because she really cares. I highly recommend Roxayn to all my friends and family members.” – Sandra Dee, White Rock

“Not only have I made more progress over a few months than I had over the previous two years of training, but I have noticed that I now eagerly look forward to my workouts with Roxayn as they have become the highlight of my day!” — Rebecca Meyers, Langley

​"I just wanted to tell you how lucky I am to have picked you as a trainer. There are so many on the internet and I was lucky enough to find such as wonderful one. Thanks so very much for your kindness, your motivation, and the 10 lbs I have already lost so far. You are truly a wonderful kind hearted, smart, and very motivational person. Thank-you!" - Rose, Cloverdale

Client Testimonials

When you work with Transformations Fitness, you can expect results! Hundreds of people have transformed their bodies and their lives through my personal training programs. Here is a sample of what some of my clients have said and what kind of results that you too can achieve in a 12 or 16 Week Transformation Program.

Weight: 302 lbs
Bodyfat % : 37.2%

Weight:  254 lbs (lost 48 lbs)
Bodyfat: 27 % (down 10.2%)
Waist:  9” decrease  
Fitness Testing: 45% overall  improvement

Greg M - Miller Capilano 16 Week Corporate Fitness Challenge Winner

"When I started this journey I was smoking 1 ½ packs of cigars a day & I weighed 300+ pounds. I was always tired and worn. I ate fast food at least 5 days a week, I felt “old and fat”. After my first meeting with Roxayn, I was down, how could I, an athlete in school, have let myself become “extremely obese” as was shown in my BMI.
The first change was with my beloved cigars, fast food and beer.  During my Transformation Program, I decided to give up these unhealthy things! I needed to save my life, I wanted to live. 

At home  we cleaned out the cupboards of all unhealthy foods and stocked up on fruits, veggies and healthier choices. Never in my life did I believe I could have a fridge loaded with healthy stuff....Now in my home we eat a wonderful mix of healthy and delicious and live a healthy fitness lifestyle.


My father was hit with type 2 diabetes at my age.  My brother, who is a year older than I am, weighed over 500lbs and after seeing my success, he has also been working very hard. He is already down over 30lbs in his own transformation program. Thanks to this start, I know that I will have a good healthy life with my kids and grandkids.  Thank you Roxayn,  you saved my life!!”   -- Greg M

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In 3 months, Sue lost 17 lbs of bodyfat, decreased her bodyfat percentage by 7% bodyfat, and reached her goal weight of 125 lbs. At 54 years old, Sue now has a six pack, can do bodyweight chin-ups, and is stronger and fitter than ever before! Her new goal now is to train for and compete in an IronMan competition.

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Weight: 230 lbs
Body comp.: 45% bodyfat

Weight:  135 lbs (lost 48 lbs)
Body comp:  20% bodyfat


"After gaining a large amount of weight with my first pregnancy I was at a point in my life where I didn’t feel confident, comfortable or happy with myself. I decided to do something about it and to get a personal trainer.  


I have now been working out with Rox for 2 years.  She has helped me to change my life greatly, for the better. I have not only seen the physical changes but the emotional ones too.  Roxayn has taught me the tools I need to change my lifestyle and live a healthier life. She was able to work with my schedule and was able to challenge me each and every work out. To date I have managed to lose almost 100lbs!  Without all the hard work, caring and support that Rox gave me along the way I don’t think I would have stayed on track and been as successful in my weight loss goals.  She has truly given me a great gift!" -Tammy B, Surrey


Tammy has since become a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. And at her first women's strength and fitness competition, Tammy and her team placed 1st overall!      

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"I had always dreamed of having a toned body, endurance to run without being out of breath and to be one of those people who actually enjoyed working out! I had an instant connection to Roxayn when we first met. She actually came over to my house with meal plans and healthy food choices; then we proceeded to discuss and plan out my goals for our next 12 sessions. The gym was an overwhelming place for me; with all those buff and toned athletes; but Roxayn always encouraged me and kept me focused on my goals. By the end of our 12 weeks I was thrilled with my results! I never had much weight to lose, but I was happy to have lost about 8% of body fat and was seeing a very toned tummy and muscle definition everywhere else." -- Karyn M, White Rock