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Transformations Nutrition Program Includes:

  • Computerized analysis of your current diet 

  • Recommendations for changes based on diet analysis and your goals

  • A simple, doable Action Plan to help you make changes at your own pace

  • Sample meal plans, delicious recipes  

  • Nutrition consultation to go over your program and answer your questions

  • Plus Transformations Fitness & Nutrition Journal to track your progress    

Price: $149 
(or receive it as a FREE BONUS within any personal training package!)

"I wanted to thank you again for all the guidance you've given me over the past year. Thanks to you I've got the tools and knowledge to continue building and maintaining the healthy body and mind I want.  You've played a significant role in how I view myself now and also on my lifestyle so I wanted to say thanks!" 

-Paul K, Maple Ridge

A good fitness program is invaluable to help you build or tone muscles, increase strength and endurance, super-charge your metabolism and much more. But the truth is, you could exercise for hours a day and never achieve the body you want, if your diet isn’t right!  


You might have heard the saying "Get Fit in the Gym, Get Abs in the Kitchen?"  Well it's true! If your goal is bodyfat loss, what you eat will determine about 80% of your results. 


But the right food is also the key to achieving optimal health, energy, and recovery from workouts, slowing down aging, and getting that healthy glow that people will notice.      

What this all means is that making some simple changes to the way you eat is going to have some pretty big payoffs! 



Making Optimal Nutrition Simple, Doable, and Delicious!..

Transformations Nutrition Programs are NOT about information overload, or food restriction and crash diets. It's never worth it to damage your metabolism and sacrifice long-term results, for quick, short-term weight loss.    

My nutrition programs are also not about me handing you a rigid diet plan and telling you what you ‘should’ be eating. A one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition doesn't work when everyone has different body types, goals, metabolisms, food sensitivities etc. While one person might thrive on a vegetarian diet, another person might benefit more from a "paleo" type diet with higher protein and less carbs.  


What you will get is a nutrition program that allows you to eat in a way that works for YOU and that you will want to maintain long-term.

First we'll do a computerized analysis of your current diet to find out what you're already doing well and where your diet could use some improvement. Then you'll receive recommendations for changes along with sample meal plans, delicious recipes, and other tools to help you make changes at your own pace and keep you on track.

What you will find is that a healthy, REAL FOOD diet is incredibly DELICIOUS! Eating right will feel like a joy rather than a burden and you'll be able to get leaner without ever having to go on another fad diet. You and others will notice your new energy and the healthy glow that can only be achieved through great nutrition. And you'll find that food can positively change your life in many other unexpected ways as well!