Featured Corporate Fitness & Wellness Program:



Has your company incorporated a fitness and wellness program into its business plan? I can help and will ensure you get a healthy return on your investment! 

How can small to medium sized companies on a smaller budget incorporate a fitness and wellness program?


Transformations Fitness can help you get started! I will consider your budget and employee needs and develop and facilitate a custom program for your organization. I can accommodate small to medium sized business or about 2-50 participating employees depending upon the services requested.


Transformations offers a number of different programs and services to businesses but please consider my signature corporate fitness & wellness program, the 12 Week Fitness & Wellness Challenge which is a proven, comprehensive, results-generating program that receives outstanding employee participation and feedback. 


This program is a fun way to motivate and inspire employees, provide them with a proven action plan for taking their fitness, health, and energy to a new level, and enhance employee relationships.   

A 12 Week Fitness & Wellness Challenge can be set up to work within any budget, but any time you can invest in some individual attention for employees, returns are further increased. Please ask me for the best program options that will work within your budget.   

Here's an example below of what could be included in your program. Each Challenge participant would receive: 

  • Before & After Body Composition & Fitness Testing plus written Fitness Report  

  • Mid-way Progress Check (Body Composition Testing only)

  • 12 Week Transformation Challenge Action Plan (pdf or printed guide) to help participants with setting their own goals, creating their fitness plan, and tracking their progress 

  • Power Plate Nutrition Guide (pdf or printed guide)

  • 2 Draw Prizes donated for Challenge awards event (with any other optional prizes to be supplied by your company)


Other optional services that can be added to your 12 Week Fitness & Wellness Challenge to further increase value and effectiveness of the program for your employees:   

  • Personalized Fitness Program Design for each Challenge participant plus a 1 hr Personal Training Session to demo their program

  • OR as an alternative for a lower budget: Small Group Demo Session for small groups of employees to demonstrate an effective fitness training program that they could use for their Challenge  

  • Employer/employee cost sharing programs for Personal Training sessions

For more information or to request a complimentary custom proposal or quote for your organization, please contact me by email or by using the contact form below. 

What Corporate Program Clients Have to Say...

​“Everyone at the office is wondering what has happened to me! I have gone from being highly stressed, unhappy, and unfit to becoming a much more relaxed and effective Manager. I am able to better handle stress and my fitness level has increased markedly. I feel great! Thanks Roxayn. Your information, support, and encouragement made the process of ‘getting fit’ far more enjoyable than I thought it would be!” – Mike Pate, Delta

Greg M, Miller Capilano Corporate Fitness Challenge Winner, decreased his bodyfat% by 10.2% and lost 9" off his waist during the 16 week challenge.